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               The Sand Creek Sports, Inc. Races

                                        Races Organized from 1991 to 2015

                                                                107 races!  



Our Ascent Cycling Series had four Wednesday races and one Sunday, Colorado Springs Gazette coverage for every race, some on the Sports front page, and was always listed as one of the top sporting events each week.

Photos from the races are used as stock photos by the Gazette and are often used with many mtb articles.

From World Cup racers to our valued first time beginners, our family orientated races are always filled.

Our riders, staff and our valued sponsors make this a popular race Series spanning three decades.


I was again the Venue and Operations Director for the June 27 & 28 US Cup race at Pulpit Rock.  This was a UCI HORS Category International Calendar and USA Cycling Pro XCT race and the Colorado State Championship cross country mtb race.  It was huge!


                     Elite Woman's field US Cup race with Pikes Peak in the background                     



Our popular Ascent Cycling Series returned for its 8th year with races at Palmer Park, Bear Creek Terrace and Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

In addition, I was the Venue and Operations Director for the June 28 & 29 US Cup race at Pulpit Rock.  This was an International Calendar and USA Cycling Pro XCT race and the Colorado State Championship cross country mtb race.  It was huge!



                                     Six races this year!    Season Report is here.

Our popular Ascent Cycling Series visited Bear Creek Terrace twice, Palmer Park twice and on a Saturday in July, Cheyenne Mountain State Park with all races averaging 100 riders.

This year we organized the KMC Classic at Palmer Park.  The race was Colorado's State Championship Cross Country race, a USA Cycling American Mountain Bike Challenge race as well as an Alison Dunlap Junior Race Series race.  It also served as the USA Cycling's Rocky Mountain Talent ID race as part of the camp.

Our Ascent Cycling Series riders walked away from the KMC Classic State Championship race with 25% of the 93 top three medals!



Four time National Champion, Cameron Chambers had this to say about the Sand Creek Sports 2012 races.  "...Colorado Springs represents Mountain Biking. The Sand Creek Sports Series does an outstanding job of upholding that status – catering to and creating the best Mountain Bikers in the best Mountain Bike State in the country!"

Cameron Chambers wins the 24 Hour National Championship on a KMC Chain.

Both Cam and Tracy Thelen rode for our Pikespeaksports.us-Sand Creek Cycling Team this year.  Cam's Series wrap up article is linked above and Tracy's is here.  Don't miss it!

The Official Results from the September 29/30 24 Hour National MTB Championship race show Sand Creek Sports racers placing on the podium (1st-3rd place) 11 times (14%) out of the 79 riders listed as finishing.   Wow!




KMC Chain joins Sand Creek Sports as our Official Chain Sponsor!  The number one Chain in cycling and the Chain of the Pikes Peak Region.

Jim Wannamaker, KMC's Sales and Marketing Director talks with Pikespeaksports.us at our September 23rd Pro Cycling Classic at Palmer Park.

Cameron Chambers, Tracy Thelen and Nathan McCrary are now on a KMC Chain.

Cameron wins the 24 Hour National Championship on a KMC Chain.

           We have a limited number of KMC Chains available for our riders.  Contact.

                          Ascent Cycling Series

                           Wednesdays, June 6 & 13, July 18 & 25, and August 8

                                         Bear Creek Terrace and Palmer Park

                                                Final 2013 Ascent Series Results


Cameron Chambers, pikepeaksports.us-Sand Creek Sports Cycling Team and current US National Single Speed Cross Country and 24 Hour National Champion leading Russell Finsterwald, Subaru-Trek at an Ascent Cycling Series race.


                                             Pro Cycling Classic

                                                  Sunday, September 23rd

                                                             Palmer Park

                                                     Results and course map


KMC Chains Sales & Marketing Director Jim Wannamaker's interview with Pikespeaksprots.us at the Pro, Category 1 Men's race.  Listen carefully as the wind picks up, watch the course tape blow over (tape given to us by Jim several years ago) and you'll see race winner, Cameron Chambers in his Pikespeaksports.us-Sand Creek Cycling Team blue jersey take his 5th straight win of the year...on a KMC XL Gold chain.   


Pikespeak sports.us results and photos are here: PROCYCLING CLASSIC: Results here ** Video, Start of Pro/Cat 1 race ** Video, Interview with Cam Chambers ** Photos, Gallery 1 ** Photos, Gallery 2

                                      Gazette photos are half way down the page here.

                                             Grey Stone Media photos are here.   


                          Pro Cycling Palmer Park 50

                                                      September 18, 2011



                          2011 Ascent Cycling Series

With races at Palmer Park on May 15th, Bear Creek Terrace on June 1st & 8th and he final at Cheyenne Mountain State Park on June 19th, this was one of our best Series ever!





     2010 Carmichael Training Systems Summer of Cycling


                                                   Schedule is here. Poster is here

Races included the Ascent Cycling Mountain Bike Series May 22 in Palmer Park, Wednesdays, June 2 & 9 at Bear Creek Terrace and the final in Bear Creek Terrace on Saturday, June 19. 

Our July 9-11 Carmichael Training Systems International Classic was a UCI C2 and USA Cycling Pro XCT stage race with a $10,000 cash prize list!  UCI Chief Commissaire's Report.

The Rocky Mountain State Games with our Falcon 100 KM (5 laps) was held at the US Air Force Academy on Falcon Trail on August 1st. 

The Pro Cycling Colorado Senior Road Race Championships was one of these events as well!  Also, held at the Air Force Academy on August 15 on a closed road course.




Several Wednesday mtb xc races at Bear Creek Terrace, the Rocky Mountain State Games mountain bike race at the US Air Force Academy on Falcon Trail, and a UCI USA Cycling Pro XCT race at Cheyenne Mountain State Park in June.



Our return to racing after a five year "vacation" brought us to Bear Creek Terrace in El Paso County's Bear Creek Park for 3 mountain bike races in June on Wednesday afternoons.



1991: July 13, 1991

Manitou Springs Bicycle Hill Climb, Historic Manitou Springs, CO
A Special Event held during the UCI Junior World Championships. Prizes were gold nuggets. An Austrian won.

1992: August 1 & 2, 1992

Sand Creek Sports Challenge, Manitou Springs, CO
A two-day mountain bike race in the shadow of Pikes Peak. This was a Colorado Off-Road Point series (CORPS) State Championship event. We introduced our famous "Hell on a Hillside" course at the very edge of Manitou Springs. A 1.2 k lap with 250' of climbing per lap.

1993: July and August

The Sand Creek Sports "Sizzling" Summer Series
The first of the Sand Creek Series. Races were held in North Cheyenne Caņon, "The Caņon Classic" and on the famous "Hell on a Hillside" course in Manitou Springs. Two races at each location. A huge success.

1994: May-July

The Sand Creek Sports Series '94
"Hell on a Hillside, The Caņon Classic, and our new venue, "The Catamount Classic" next to Pikes Peak were all favorites.

1995: May-August

The Sand Creek Series '95
Using the same venues as in 1994, we added "The Mt. Herman Challenge" in Monument and "The Rampart Classic" around Rampart Reservoir. A total of seven races.

1996: May-August

The Sand Creek Sports Series '96
Our biggest and best year yet. All of the same 1995 courses but with the addition of "The Water Torture" course in Manitou Springs. Many races were sold out. A total of nine races.

Sky Sox Stadium Challenge
Not a Series race, we organized a mt. bike race for the AAA Sky Sox baseball team. Held right before the ball game and in the stadium.

1997: April-August

The Sand Creek Series '97
This year we added a time trial up Williams Canyon to finish at Cave of the Winds. The Sky Sox stadium Challenge was also added. Again, many races were sold out. A total of eleven races.

1998: April-August

The Sand Creek Series '98
We cut back a little this year. We raced "The Williams Canyon Time Trial," a new venue, the "Black Forest Race," our famous and popular "Catamount Classic," a full moon time trial, the "Rampart Sunset Time Trial,' and a new large loop, the Caņon Classic V. Five races this year.

The Sand Creek Criterium
Sand Creek Sports was contracted by the US Cycling Federation in May to organize the Colorado State Criterium Championships. The 0.9 mile course was in downtown Colorado Springs, CO in August. The main event had 90 riders lapping at 31 mph. Former US National Criterium Champion Jim Copeland won the Senior race. We also provided technical advice and assistance for the CO Road Championships held at the US Air Force Academy.

1999: May & June

The Sand Creek Series '99
We used our Black Forest course at Black Forest Regional Park, the Sky Sox Stadium Challenge raced in the stadium and in Sand Creek and finished in front of 5,000 fans waiting for the ball game to begin. Our final race was at our Catamount Classic course in Pike Peak North Slope Recreation Area at 9,200' with Pikes Peak in the background.

2000: May & June

The Sand Creek Series 2000
Once again we returned to the woods at Black Forest and our Catamount Classic course on Pikes Peak.

2001: May & June

The Sand Creek Series 2001
For 2001 we used the same venues as in 2000.

2002: May 12th

Sand Creek Series at Black Forest
Our last Sand Creek Series race was held in a light snow at Black Forest.




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