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                                                             May 18, 2017

I am not updating the Calendar with 2017 races simply because of poor response

from the CO race organizers.

I recommend going to a 2016 race on the 2016 CO MTB Race Calendar (link below) and going to its web page for current 2017 race date and information.  Thank you.

Andy Bohlmann                                        



     The 2016 Draft/Tentative KMC Colorado MTB Race Calendar is here.                                                        Updated April 11, 2016




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             The 2016 KMC Colorado Mountain Bicycle Race Calendar (DRAFT) is once again being put

              together bySand Creek Sports with input from all Colorado mtb race organizers. The race 

              organizers provide their dates, updates, links, race names, cities and all wording.  They

              also help to proof their race listings.

              Please note:  1. This calendar is constantly updated. Check back often for calendar updates

                                        as race organizers constantly update us with their race schedules.  We only

                                        add/update race dates with race organizer permission. 

                                    2.  As the Calendar is constantly being updated, we highly recommend that

                                          you do not copy and past the Calendar to your web site but rather link to

                                          this page where important updates will appear at the top. You can link to

                                          the updated Calendar from this page.

                                    3.  "Underground" and non-permited races will not be included.

                                    4.  Weekday series races will be added as they become available.

                                    5.  Important Colorado road races will be added as well.

              Sand Creek Sports, Inc. cannot be responsible for any date conflicts or race related issues. 

              Please confirm status of any race yourself!!  We have nothing to do with any races but ours.

              Sand Creek Sports, Inc. is doing this Tentative Race Calender for the purpose of race

              organizers and their date selection(s).  While we understand that there will be date overlap,

              we hope that with race organizer communication this can be reduced.  In addition, as there is

              NO overall organization in Colorado for mtb racing, Sand Creek Sports simply wants an open

              line of communication for all. 

                           *About 90% of the listed races are not sanctioned by USA Cycling *


                                           Sand Creek Sports 2016 race schedule

Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference calendar

                                     USA Cycling's Colorado Race Permit page

                            Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado's Calendar page

                                                  7-Eleven Velodrome schedule

                            UCI's home page   For race calendars click on a discipline

                                                            on the left and go the that calendar.


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