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            From the US Cup Pro XCT race at Pulpit Rock in Colorado Springs, June 28, 29



                                           Andrea's Red Cactus in Bloom:  It made her smile.


                                                 By Tim Bergsten, Pike Peak Sports


                                       Kathleen's Trail.   October 13, 1946 - November 30, 2013


                                                 By Tim Bergsten, Pikes Peak Sports


                                                       Ascent Cycling Series


                                                              Stacy Gery at Palmer Park on July 9

                                                By Tim Bergsten of Pikes Peak Sports



                                  Travis Eckenberg getting, "chicked" by Heidi Martin, age 11

                                              at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. 

                                                          Photo by Christian Murdock of the Gazette


                                                     Nathan McCrary by Tim Bergsten
















                                                       Sand Creek Sports History



      We used to have an entry envelope contest!             Kathleen "cutting and pasting" an early poster.


           1998 Williams Canyon TT results!                    L to R: Jurgen Bergeron, Alan Keeffe,

                                                                                           Eric Lawerence from the mid-'90's?

        Matt Daigle taking the win over Jurgen at           Top: Philip and Matthew Bohlmann, Catamount

           Mt. Herman, Monument around 1996                     Classic, North Slope of Pikes Peak: 1995?                                                                                     Bottom:  Jurgen Bergeron, our all time #1 rider!



    With us since 1991 at age 15, Nathan        Catamount Classic, North Slope of Pikes Peak, 1995

      McCrary's daughter will race in 2011!     



                             The infamous, "Hell on A Hillside" course in Manitou Springs!                           

                             1.2 km per lap with 250' of climbing. 1992-1997


         The North Cheyenne Cañon Wednesday race in 1996 during the '96 Olympics in Atlanta, GA.

         The Saturn Pro Road team showed up one Wednesday. Jeannie Longo, who just won another

         Gold at Atlanta in the Time Trial showed up to say, "Hello" before going back to Atlanta for the

         road race.  She was living in North Cheyenne Cañon for training.  We interviewed her in French

         and she started one of the races in French using UCI Start Protocal!       



                                   Pro Cycling Colorado Senior Road Racing Championships

                                                         US Air Force Academy

                                                              August 15, 2010



           Pro Rider Team Photo from the Pro XCT UCI Carmichael Training Systems International Classic

                                                               July 9-11, 2010


              Carmichael Training Systems Sand Creek International Classic, June 13, 2009

          A UCI, USA Cycling Pro XCT and the US Cup Final race at Cheyenne Mountain State Park




                                                                                         Chris Carmichael





                                   Sand Creek Series over the years  (1993-2002)

                                                       Old Bikes I Like


                                                     1967 Masi Speciale


                                                     1973 Cineli Super Corsa


                                           1974 Kessels in Molteni Team colours



                                                            1967 Cinelli



                                                          Late 1960's Cinelli


                                                          Late 1960's Cinelli


Photos from my Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido trip last October and November, 2014.   Randomn and in no order      contact















                                                    Mexican Bike Racing

Cool pictures of a Mexican racing bike The Official C.O.N.I. Manual 1984 Murray Technical support frame for sale The Skeletons in USA Cycling's Closet