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C.O.N.I. Manual

          C.O.N.I. Manual

The C.O.N.I. Manual is the original cycling bible published by F.I.A.C. and the Italian Central Sports School in Rome, 1972. These very rare and long out of print manuals, and if ever for sale now, cost anywhere from $100-$250 each. We have several in pristine condition, though none are for sale.

Sand Creek Sports, Inc. will be "pdfing" this most famous cycling manual and putting it here. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to open the files and all

files open with Windows/Internet Explorer.

                       C.O.N.I. Manual

Part I.  Cycling and it's Scientific Applications

Chapter 1. History of the Bicycle

Chapter 1 (2.37 mb)


Chapter 2. Sports Hygiene
Chapter 2 (623 kb)

Chapter 3. Physiopatholgy of Cycling
Chapter 3 (1.08 mb)

Chapter 4. Nutrition and Feeding

Chapter 5. Massotherapy

Part II.  The Bicycle

Chapter 1. Cycling Mechanics

Chapter 2. Maintenance of the Bicycle

Chapter 3. Tubular Tyres

Chapter 4. Ratios

Chapter 5. Modalities for Constructing a Frame

                     to Measure

Part III  Cycling Technique

Chapter 1.  Biomechanics of Pedaling

Part 3 Chapter 1 (1.51 mb ) 

Chapter 2. Position on the Bicycle
Part 3 Chapter 2 (3.27 mb )

Chapter 3.  Perfomance

Chapter 4.  Resistances

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