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                  About Sand Creek Sports, Inc.  

The Pike's Peak Region in Colorado offers the finest mountain biking anywhere. Everything from City Parks to serious US Forest Service trails have had our races on them. We have even done night races around Rampart Reservoir and the difficult trails on Pike's Peak, it's all our secret. Sand Creek Sports, Inc. is a Colorado corporation formed in 1990 by Kathleen J. Bohlmann. Andy Bohlmann is the President and Registered Agent.

Sand Creek Sports, Inc. was formed to organize and promote bicycle racing in the Pike's Peak Region of Colorado.  Also, as Kathleen was a former 6th grade teacher, she wanted a family project for our two boys ages 7 and 5 at the time.  Everything at our house was a science and math project.

Our first race was a "Special Event" for the 1991 Junior World Championships held in Colorado Springs, CO. We organized the "Historic Manitou Springs Hill climb." While held on a road course, classes were offered for both road and mountain bike categories. Gold nuggets were the prizes.

In 1992 we organized, with just three months notice, a Colorado State Championship mountain bicycle race as part of the Colorado Off-Road Point Series (CORPS). This was done in Manitou Springs at our infamous "Hell on a Hillside" course. It was held as a two day stage race.

From 1993-2002 we organized the Sand Creek Series mountain bicycle races here in the Pikes Peak Region. For ten years and over 62 races, the Sand Creek Series was a regular nationally recognized and award winning series.

In 1999 we were contacted and contracted by the US Cycling Federation to organize, again with just three months notice, to organize the Colorado State Criterium Championships held in Colorado Springs. A very high profile 0.9 mile eight corner course was used in downtown Colorado Springs which gave the Pikes Peak Region some of its best bike racing ever.

In 2001, Andy Bohlmann was contracted by the US Air Force Academy here in Colorado Springs to be the Technical Director for the USCF National Collegiate Cycling Assoc. Road Championships. The criterium was held at the1999 CO Championship course in downtown Colorado Springs and the road and team time trial events were held at the US Air Force Academy just north of Colorado Springs. The kids called me, "Mr. Bohlmann."

In 2008, Sand Creek Sports returned with three Wednesday afternoon mountain bike races in the Colorado Springs City Limits.

The 2009 season saw the Carmichael Training Systems Sand Creek Series take over Southern Colorado.

The Series had one Spring race, 5 Wednesday races, the State Games of America race at the US Air Force Academy and the Carmichael Training Systems International Classic which was a race on the International Calendar as well as a US Pro XCT race on the UCI International Calendar.

For 2010, in addition to numerous local mountain bike races, we organized the Falcon 100 KM as part of the Rocky Mountain Games of the West, the Colorado State Senior Road Racing Championships at the US Air Force Academy and the June 9-11 Carmichael Training Systems International Classic, a UCI C2 stage race and the final race in USA Cycling's Pro XCT series.  This race had a $10,000 cash prize list.

When we returned in 2008 with our mountain bike race series, now known as the Ascent Cycling Series we approach 2015 as our 25th and our 20th year of organizing bicycle races.

For 2014 and 2015 Andy was retained as the Venue and Operations Director for the US Cup-Colorado Springs mtb race. For 2015 the race will be a UCI Hors Category race which is just one step below World Cup.

Sand Creek Sports, Inc. has also consulted for numerous cycling events. In addition, Andy Bohlmann has served as an expert witness for depositions and in trial for bicycle racing lawsuits.

Sand Creek Sports, Inc. has four Trade Names registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. They are, "Sand Creek Cookie Company," "Tour of Colorado," "Tour of the Rocky Mountains" and "Colorado Cup."  

We have always been a family affair. As such, our two children, Matthew and Philip have been directly involved in all aspects. Philip previously was the webmaster. No salaries have ever been taken. "Click on" Andrew and Philip below for more information.

Kathleen has been disabled due to a stroke in 1997 after five years of a chronic illness. The boys have graduated from CU Boulder. Philip now lives in Seattle and used to do all of our artwork and Matthew lives in Colorado Springs and and works for the US Olympic Committee at the Olympic Training Center.

Kathleen passed away on November 30, 2013 after two decades of being so chronically ill.

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Andrew Bohlmann - Andrew's Resume   Job recommendation from 1976.

                             USA Cycling's Race Director's Certificate
Kathleen Bohlmann  October 13,1946 - November 30, 2013
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