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Home of Sand Creek Sports, Inc., the Ascent Cycling Series and the Tour of Colorado.  The July 19th race this year was our 100th race.  Twenty four years!


                                             August 1, 2014 and it's Party Time!



             Ascent Cycling Series 2014 Final Overall Results are here

                     What the Sand Creek Sports races (1991-2014) are all about. 

                                     "Racing for Chocolate Milk" by Tracy Thelen     


The 2014 Ascent Cycling Series is over with the 100th race on July 19th.

Eldon and I have just been at our Bear Creek Terrace course and it is a mess. There is no way we can race on it today or even tomorrow. We do not want to tear up our trails.

So, the race is cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

Final Overall Awards will be based on the four races with any ties being decided by the number of higher placing's, etc. Final Awards at 7 PM at Ascent Cycling this Friday, August 1st with free beer, root beer hot dogs and brats. See photo below.

I have talked to El Paso County Parks and they are very appreciative and will credit my permit fee to next year. I guess I'm committed, or should be committed.

Thank you for your understanding and I know you would do the same.

I'll do refunds for those who pre-entered next week.

Andy Bohlmann




                                    "Bear Creek Trance"  Cameron Chambers at our

                                Bear Creek Terrace race on June 18th by Tim Bergsten

                           Cam's article about the final 2014 Ascent Cycling Series race

                                        "Let There be Fireworks" by Tracy Thelen


            Ascent Cycling Series 2014                                                                             

                                                           Presented by


                                              KMC Chain  

                     Results and Overall through July 19th race.  Please check carefully


                                   Wednesdays, June  4  Palmer Park  Race # 95  Course Map   Results

                                                           June 18 Bear Creek Terrace   Race # 96   Course Map


                                                           July     9 Palmer Park   Race # 99   Course map  Results

                                                           July   30 Bear Creek Terrace   Race # 101 Course

                                        Saturday:  July    19 Cheyenne Mountain State Park  Race # 100!

                                                                             @ 50+/- miles for Seniors   Course map


                                                                Featuring the Borealis Fat Bike 50 race


                          Entry information is on the "Ascent Series" page on the left.                                                    

                                             Our 2014 Sponsor Family



                                                     Interview with Patrick Cross




                                                    Jim Wannamaker Interview













                                             The Official Bicycle of Sand Creek Sports            



                                                                       Sponsor of the Borealis Fat Bike 50 at the July 19

                                                                        Ascent Cycling Series race at Cheyenne

                                                                        Mountain State Park 


                                                                                                                                                                                     The 2013 Sand Creek Sports season wrap-up report is here.

                                           Our 2010 Sponsorship Brochure is here.

                       The 2013 Sand Creek Sports page at pikespeaksports.us                        


                                                      From September, 1996                     



                USA Cycling US Cup p/b Sho-Air Cycling Group

                      A UCI CI and a USA Cycling Pro XCT and Colorado State

                      Cross Country State Championship race.  To be held on a

                      new course at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

                      Pulpit Rock Open Space property June 28 & 29.

                                  See KMC Classic tab for current updates





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Cool pictures of a Mexican racing bike The Official C.O.N.I. Manual 1984 Murray Technical support frame for sale The Skeletons in USA Cycling's Closet